"...When you run so fast to get somewhere,
you miss half the fun of getting there..."
(David L. Weatherford - "Slow Dance")

Jazz and structures: awesome projects

Water At-traction
Most bridges are designed to not wobble. A recently green-lit project in Paris will flout this convention.
Stone River 
by Jon Piasecki

"This project is designed and built as a piece of landscape art. [...] With this path I applied great effort to join stones together. I strove to join the path itself to the preexisting stonewall and woods in an attempt to offer the visitor the opportunity to experience a sense of fusion with nature. The goal of this project is to join culture to nature. This path provides one trajectory along which people can reintegrate with the world around them in a sustainable way."

Jon Piasecki recently received a 2011 Honor Award from American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for the Stone River project.

Deep in the Northeastern woods, working alone, one man is building a better world, one stone at a time. One very, very big stone. Placed very, very carefully. His tools are his hands, his back, a few metal implements. But his vision encompasses all of modern culture and its reformation. You need to watch the video to appreciate the painstaking effort and attention to detail that went into this project.